[mod_python] XP Authentication problems over Apache and WebDAV

Davin Boling davin at wordpainter.net
Mon Apr 4 03:23:46 EDT 2005

Kevin Roberts wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm interested to know if there is a solution to my problem, when trying 
> to access WEBDAV folders on my Apache 1.3 server when using XP (SP2) 
> Webfolders as the client.


I know well the problem you're speaking of, and it isn't specific to SP2 
either as it's present on my SP1 box as well. I know two ways of 
"tricking" the MS WebDAV driver into sending the proper authentication 
headers, but failing those you should fall back on Graham's advice. 
That's how I would do it as well, and he's far more experienced than I 
am at that particular method so I'll leave the technical details to him.

Try recreating the Web Folder with one of the following URLs and see of 
it fixes your problem. (keep the "redirect-carefully" stuff in your 
Apache config though)

1) Trailing hash method: http://yourdomain.net/webdav/path/#
2) Port-80 method: http://yourdomain.net:80/webdav/path/

I'm also going to warn you, even if you can get around the 
authentication problem there's still a chance that it won't work 
perfectly. I don't know what causes it exactly, but on some 
configurations (like my home PC, sigh) the web folder will have an 
extremely long delay when opened. Checking the Apache log reveals a few 
PROPFIND requests...after 10 minutes or so the window will either 
display contents finally, or lock up for good.

That much I can't help you with, and you'll need to persue further 
assistance with another mailing list. And if you do figure out what 
causes that specific problem, PLEASE let me know in a personal e-mail. :D

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