[mod_python] attention bakers: UI mockups posted

Lee E. Brown Administrator at leebrown.org
Wed Sep 15 13:11:31 EDT 2004


I owe y'all an apology; my comment about using tables for page layout was
purely in jest.  I just happen to be one of those "never mix presentation
with structure" purists.  Page layout isn't the focus of the bake off so
I'll keep my mouth shut from now on.

I won't be attempting to enter the bake off, being still the neophyte when
it comes to Python and Web Servelets.  But I'm very strong in XHTML and CSS;
if I can help out in any way please let me know.

Best Regards,
Lee E. Brown

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> Ah, the pleasures of having lots of testers.
> 1) I have added the global.css to the reference copy.  (BTW, the name of
> the original source from owsd is "Nature").
> 2) Sorry about the tag soup.  I'm not a web designer, so I just took the
> existing template and hacked it.  Byron Ellacott has created an XHTML
> version and will post it to the list to keep everyone moving, I'll post
> the reference copy after I get back from the day job.
> 3) Yes, I used tables for layout.  Someday I'll learn CSS :)

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