[mod_python] attention bakers: UI mockups posted

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Wed Sep 15 22:22:44 EDT 2004

On 15/09/2004, at 9:17 PM, Chris Curvey wrote:

> Ah, the pleasures of having lots of testers.
> 1) I have added the global.css to the reference copy.  (BTW, the name 
> of the original source from owsd is "Nature").
> 2) Sorry about the tag soup.  I'm not a web designer, so I just took 
> the existing template and hacked it.  Byron Ellacott has created an 
> XHTML version and will post it to the list to keep everyone moving, 
> I'll post the reference copy after I get back from the day job.
> 3) Yes, I used tables for layout.  Someday I'll learn CSS :)

Another minor nit. In projectReport.html, the location is "Manage 
Projects" when
it presumably should be something like "Project Report".

BTW, for userReportDetail.html and projectReportDetail.html, what is 
the intention
as to how it should be displayed when you have more than one months 
worth of data.
If one keeps putting dates out horizontally, going to look messy. 
Putting months
on top of each other is an option, but what do you then do about totals.

Not sure what the problem is with the tables. Most use of tables was 
The only one I would say was a bit strange was that around the 
Javascript code
for modification date.

With respect to the use of Javascript, I would suggest simply a place 
holder for
the concept of a last modified marker. How that is achieved should be 
left up to
the implementer. They could use Javascript, or they could use the 
ability of their
server side code to fill out the data there instead.

I am sure that someone will offer up some CSS to replace that table 
once we get into
this, so just give it an footer-text id tag for now and let it float 
where it wants.
I'd have a look at it myself, but not enough time right now to focus on 
all this
just yet.

Graham Dumpleton (grahamd at dscpl.com.au)

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