[mod_python] mod_python bake-off?

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Fri Sep 3 22:33:42 EDT 2004

Daniel Popowich wrote:

>>There are a lot of different application frameworks that are popping up 
>>that use mod_python.  That's a good thing!  Would anyone be interested 
>>in having a "bake-off" to show the capabilities of each framework?  I'm 
>>thinking that if we could come up with an easy but non-trivial 
>>application, various people could implement it using their favorite 
>>framework.  The results would not only be a nice comparison of different 
>>frameworks, but would provide some nice examples for newbies.
>I have no objection to a bake-off and would be happy to write the
>mpservlet version.
>I agree with those that have said (or said something similar to):
>Each developer should be provided with:
>  1. Business logic as python classes
The trouble with providing the business logic is that it may be more / 
less suited to a framework's approach.
It is nice to see how each framework responds to the same business logic 
But it is important to craft it in such a way that it is flexible.
For example, it shouldn't make too many assumptions about global objects 
being left around between calls as this can vary between frameworks. 
Also, I don't think the business logic should handle the database as 
some of the frameworks handle that...


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