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Daniel Popowich dpopowich at comcast.net
Fri Sep 3 15:28:44 EDT 2004

Vinj Vinj writes:
> Thanks for the post. I'm using mpservlet extensively
> and will probably have a lot of questions over the
> next several weeks. So please have patience with me. 

No problem.  I'll answer your questions as promptly as I can.

> I'm surprised that it took me so long to find
> mpservlet. I've looked at all the web publishing
> technologies for python several times over and am
> surprised that I jsut stumbled across mpservelt and
> loved it. I would recomend you do the following:

I only published it May 25 of this year.  And then only to
this list and PyPI.

> 1. Put a link on webware site. Most people who use
> servlets look there as well. 

I thought of posting an announcement on the webware discussion list,
but I thought that'd be a bit tacky.  But if you wanted to??  :-)

Otherwise, word of mouth seems to be slowly working.

> 2. (Done) put a demo site up. The demo were excellent
> and really helped me get up the learning curve fast. 

The software was actually finished in February.  It took me a while to
find the time to write the documentation and tutorial which I thought
crucial before publishing.  Without them (and particularly the
tutorial), I feared it would be lost in the forest of python webtools.

> 3. Like with most things python, I love the fact that
> if you don't understand something or want to change
> the functionality you can look at the code. 

And if you do want to make changes I encourage subclassing; this will
make merging your code with updates MUCH easier.  The joy of OOP.

Daniel Popowich

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