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Thanks for the post. I'm using mpservlet extensively
and will probably have a lot of questions over the
next several weeks. So please have patience with me. 

I'm surprised that it took me so long to find
mpservlet. I've looked at all the web publishing
technologies for python several times over and am
surprised that I jsut stumbled across mpservelt and
loved it. I would recomend you do the following:

1. Put a link on webware site. Most people who use
servlets look there as well. 
2. (Done) put a demo site up. The demo were excellent
and really helped me get up the learning curve fast. 
3. Like with most things python, I love the fact that
if you don't understand something or want to change
the functionality you can look at the code. 

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There have been a number of posts over the past few
weeks asking
questions about mpservlets.  I've been away on
vacation, so I'm just
getting caught up today.  Instead of answering all in
one monolithic
email, I'll respond to each in their thread.  If in my
next few posts
I don't answer a question you've asked, my apologies;
please post
your question again.

Meanwhile, I finally have a public site where I can
put up the
servlets tutorial live.  If you've been wanting to try
it out, but
haven't had the time to install it, now you can give
it a whirl.  And,
sort of related to the bake-off thread, the tutorial
allows you to
view the source of the servlets being demonstrated, so
you'll get a
sense of its mechanics.


Daniel Popowich

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