[mod_python] Request dropping

August Trapper Bigelow wip at rpgmaker.net
Fri Oct 29 18:10:34 EDT 2004

Seems that when I run my mod_python based website through the Apache 
Benchmarker (http://codeflux.com/ab/) I am dropping a considerable 
amount of requests. This problem does not occur when testing the 
psp_site from the website.

I am running Python 2.3.4 with Apache 2.0.52 and the lastest mod_python 
on Windows XP SP2. My first guess was a Windows XP connection limit, as 
I received an OS64 error in my error.log with a winnt exception inside 
it. However, I test PHP pages through the benchmarker and it doesn't 
drop any requests.

My second thought was I am doing too much processing on the pages, but 
there are some PHP pages that take forever, so I figured that wasn't it 

Anybody have this proble and a solution?

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