[mod_python] ANN: Vampire 1.2 is now available.

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Oct 21 21:26:36 EDT 2004

It was only two weeks ago that the previous version of Vampire was
released, so will not go into detail of what it is again, follow
the link below if you didn't see the previous announcement.

That said, Vampire 1.2 is now available from:


This update puts in all the required thread locking to ensure that
it will work properly when used from a multithreaded MPM under
Apache 2.0. Copies of patches to mod_python to fix multithreading
issues as discussed recently in the mailing list are also included.
Thanks to Nicolas Lehuen for his input on this and validating that
the patches did in fact work.

Finally, minor changes to automatic decoding of form parameters in
order to support a keyword argument list and dropping of unexpected
parameters. The form parameter decoding should now be equivalent
to that of mod_python.publisher in mod_python 3.1.3.

As far as recent discussions on embedding additional support for
form validation into Vampire, I decided that for now this is better
left to a dedicated form validation system carried out within the
context of the content handler and not something which is done prior
to the content handler even being called. To my mind this provides
the most flexibility at the moment. Thanks to Johannes Erdfelt and
others for the various bits of feedback on forms processing. Will
probably revisit this issue at another time in the future when I
have reviewed what other packages are out there.

This latest version of Vampire also includes an example for showing
how form values will get decoded. I just wish someone would answer
my question about file uploads and whether what currently happens
for them in mod_python.publisher is reasonable. Doesn't anyone use
file uploads with mod_python.publisher? See the result for input
form 2 in the example as to what currently happens. Ie., one gets
a Field object for a file upload.

The URL for the example which displays form values is:


Courtesy of the special source code viewer content handler, if you
are curious, you can see the source code for this example at:


Feedback welcome. Especially interested whether anyone feels that
there is value in providing a mechanism for supporting the current
mod_python.publisher way of doing things within the context of
Vampire. At the moment, I am not sure that how it does things is
necessarily a good way, as it looks to me like it actually restrains
you from doing certain things and also over simplifies other things
such that it may not result in as robust an application because
people will not fill in all the detail properly.


Graham Dumpleton (grahamd at dscpl.com.au)

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