[mod_python] Forcing a confirmation page after authentication

Todd Boland itodd at itodd.org
Wed Oct 6 16:16:25 EDT 2004

What I would recommend is an internal redirect after authentication. 
Only redirect if they have not seen the message. in the handler that 
displays the message which you internally redirected to, you could set 
a cookie to indicate they've seen the message and add the link "<a 
href=%s>continue</a>" % req.prev.unparsed_uri so they don't have to 
re-navigate to the page they originally requested.

I hope I helped more than I confused you.


On Oct 6, 2004, at 1:53 PM, Thomas Andrews wrote:

> I'm sorry if this is a totally obvious one - I'm new to Apache & 
> mod_python.
> How do I make a page come up *every* time a visitor has been
> authenticated, irrespective of what page they request ? I want to force
> them to confirm some data just after they have authenticated. After 
> that
> I want them to browse the existing html pages unhindered.
> I'm already using PythonAuthenHandler so that I can do the
> authentication myself and that's working, but I just don't know how to
> feed into my next page from there because that handler doesn't expect 
> me
> to print anything out to the browser - it just wants to see a
> return-code (as I understand it.)
> There are these other handlers:
>             * PythonPostReadRequestHandler
>             * PythonTransHandler
>             * PythonHeaderParserHandler
>             * PythonAccessHandler
>             * PythonTypeHandler
>             * PythonFixupHandler
>             * PythonHandler
>             * PythonInitHandler
>             * PythonLogHandler
>             * PythonCleanupHandler
>  ... but none of them seem to do what I need. (or did I miss 
> something?)
> Thanks for the help,
> Thomas
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