[mod_python] Forcing a confirmation page after authentication

Thomas Andrews tandrews at grok.co.za
Wed Oct 6 20:53:19 EDT 2004

I'm sorry if this is a totally obvious one - I'm new to Apache & mod_python.

How do I make a page come up *every* time a visitor has been
authenticated, irrespective of what page they request ? I want to force
them to confirm some data just after they have authenticated. After that
I want them to browse the existing html pages unhindered.

I'm already using PythonAuthenHandler so that I can do the
authentication myself and that's working, but I just don't know how to
feed into my next page from there because that handler doesn't expect me
to print anything out to the browser - it just wants to see a
return-code (as I understand it.)

There are these other handlers:

            * PythonPostReadRequestHandler
            * PythonTransHandler
            * PythonHeaderParserHandler
            * PythonAccessHandler
            * PythonTypeHandler
            * PythonFixupHandler
            * PythonHandler
            * PythonInitHandler
            * PythonLogHandler
            * PythonCleanupHandler

 ... but none of them seem to do what I need. (or did I miss something?)

Thanks for the help,

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