[mod_python] Processing Apache Logs

Jaco Smuts JSmuts at clover.co.za
Wed Oct 6 09:55:03 EDT 2004

Have you  looked at mod_sql ?


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[mod_python] Processing Apache Logs

The ONLamp "Introducing mod_python" article mentions the possibility of
doing custom Apache logging with mod_python and inserting log data
directly to a database. Are there any examples of this or has anyone on
this list done such a thing? Any guidance or suggestions?

I'm looking at building a data warehouse from the Apache log output. The
web apps on the load balanced web servers to be monitored do not use any
Python code. Are there 3rd party (non-Pythonic perhaps) log parser apps
I should look at instead of cutting my own mod_python code? 

D. B. Dweeb

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