[mod_python] Compiling mod_python on Linux/apache with LFS

Damjan gdamjan at mail.net.mk
Tue Oct 5 03:11:53 EDT 2004

I've recenlty been compiling mod_python on Slackware Linux against an
Apache2 (2.0.52) compiled with large file support (LFS).

Apache2 was compiled with these flags:

unfortunately mod_python's build system doesn't honor this environment
variable, so I had to hack it directly in src/Makefile, 
after ./configure finished.

If anyone had a problem when apache would segfault for any request
(even for static files) after mod_python was installed whis is most
probably the reason.

damjan | дамјан
This is my jabber ID --> damjan at bagra.net.mk <-- not my mail address!!!

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