[mod_python] Is there a mod_python way into this

francois lepoutre francois.lepoutre at noos.fr
Wed Nov 3 05:06:36 EST 2004

Hi all modpython users,

I have built and delivered a very useful mod_python
script in the past in the form a highly dynamic servlet,
delivering http strings "on the fly"

This mod_python thing has been running nicely for a 
couple of years with practically no admin. My renewed
thanks to Grisha for this marvellous piece of software.

I feel comfortable with the standard mod_python handler.
Now we have a new set of issues. And i really do 
not know if mod_python could be "the way to go".

Basically my client is looking for a way to deliver
static web content within the framework of 

The whole thing would imply a way to trigger a
"server process" whenever a static resource 
(html only)  is requested.

The client insist that the html content
should be served "as is". So no translation 
mechanism (asp, php or psp...) should 
occur on the server.

The server process would have to:
- push the html content of the directory "as is",
- deliver or maintain "session" through http cookie,
- handle some real-time python-based logging 

So, is there a plain way to handle leverage the with 
mod_python framework whilst delivering plain html? 
Should we use the standard handler in some way?
Any hint welcome.

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