[mod_python] Suggestion: libpython.so

Damjan gdamjan at mail.net.mk
Wed May 26 16:34:17 EDT 2004

Recent python installations (I think from 2.3) by default build a
dynamic libpython library. 

I think mod_python should have a ./configure
option to use the dynamic library instead of the static library archive.

The only change is that "-L/usr/lib/python2.3/config" should be
removed from the LDFLAGS in src/Makefile. This way two things are
gained, mod_python.so is 100k instead of 1.3M, and minor upgrades to
python would also upgrade mod_python.

damjan | дамјан
This is my jabber ID --> damjan at bagra.net.mk <-- not my mail address!!!

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