[mod_python] Session timeout reset bug?

Kevin Smith hawkeesk8 at yahoo.com
Mon May 24 18:13:30 EDT 2004


I believe I may have come across a bug in the
resetting of the timeout in the Session object.  I
could not get the session to timeout and tracked down
the problem to inside the __init__() of the
BaseSession class.  Should there not be an explicit
save of the session object after  the line that reads:

        self._accessed = time.time()

This is the last thing performed in the method just
before the random cleanup.

Anyway, I added the following line and now everything
behaves as expected:

        self._accessed = time.time()

On other notes, I also ran across a bit of a "gotcha."
 I set the timeout parameter as a PythonOption.  Of
course, when retrieving the value it comes in as a
string.  I then unwittingly sent that off as a
parameter to Session.Session().  Only after a lot of
scratching my head I discovered that the timeout
calculation in load() was taking my timeout 'string'
and successfully doing the ">" operation on it but the
result was always False.  Could there not be an
explicit cast to float?  (of course I later casted to
a float before sending which then led to the
investigation of the aforementioned problem)


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