[mod_python] Problem with mapping URIs to filesystem/Python modules

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Thu May 13 09:12:51 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 02:40, Byron Ellacott wrote:
> If you return Apache.DECLINED, then Apache will use the default handler
> to serve the request.  So if you're getting a 404 response, it's because
> there's no file there to serve up.  Take a look at your Apache logs to
> see what is actually being requested if this isn't the sort of behaviour
> you want.

Ok, it works when accessing a file directly. I expected Apache to create
a directory listing if no file was specified and I requested a
directory. Apparently that's not the case. I'm still trying to get my
head around how all these parts fit together ;)

> I'm using a SetHandler/apache.DECLINED combination in my framework.  If
> I can find a file by appending ".pfv" to the request, I use that file to
> execute modules that will produce XML, which is (read: will be, when I
> implement this part :)  then passed through an XSLT processor.

This sounds a bit like what I'm going to implement. Serving content from
XML source in several different formats, created using XSL

This apache.DECLINED stuff sure seems useful now that I get it. :)

Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe at paniq.net>
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