[mod_python] import madness!

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Tue May 11 15:04:19 EST 2004

* The Doctor What (list.modpython at docwhat.gerf.org) [040511 13:13]:
> I have found an interesting bug.  My handler has, at it's start,
> something like:
> from blah import config
> This is great, works fine, etc. EXCEPT when I clean up the .pyc
> files in the blah directory!  Then it says that it cannot import
> config!
> Looking at sys.modules, I see that sys.modules[blah.config] is set
> to <module 'blah' from 'path-to/blah/config.pyc'>. It is
> easily reproducable.  A lame work around is to make the path-to/blah
> directory group read-only so that .pyc files cannot be created.
> Is there a fix for this?  Am I doing something wrong?

Forgot the version numbers...

Python version 2.2.3
mod_python 2.7.6 thru 2.7.10
apache 1.3.27 & 1.3.29


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  One of the two most common causes of runaway projects is unstable requirements.
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			(Robert L. Glass, 2002)

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