[mod_python] General performance of the different handlers

SAiello at Jentoo.com SAiello at Jentoo.com
Tue May 4 10:30:41 EST 2004

Hello All,

I am trying to write a Web Email IMAP client using mod_python. Currently I 
have email box navigation and email listing working. I am using mod_python 
publisher. At this point I am doing some stress testing on my code, checking 
before I go any further, that the code does not cause large amounts of system 
load, etc. From the results, I believe I started off thinking to grandiose. I 
created a a library of functions, one function does all my HTML rendering. 
Well all this lovely code, puts a huge load on the CPU. So I am thinking I 
need to scale things back a bit, make things run more simply. Under the docs, 
Section 1.1 Performance, I see the mod_python handler doing more requests per 
sec than mod_python publisher. My basic question is which mod_python should I 
use for the best system response and cause the least amount of system load ? 
Where does PSP handler fit in, in regards to performance ?

Thanks for any of your thoughts or ideas,
  Steven Aiello

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