[mod_python] HELP required: Apache with mod_python is notstarted- 0 max threads

Vitaliy Yermolenko vyermolenko at ukr.net
Thu Mar 18 18:43:19 EST 2004

> First I'd verify that mod_python is the problem, i.e. if you remove
> LoadModule, does httpd then start OK?

Yes, everything is fine with httpd, when mod_python.so is commented

> Second, I'd try to compile it without the customized Python if possible. I
> don't think it's the problem, but who knows.

Tried to compile mod_python with RH default Python 2.2.2 - unfortunately the same situation.

> Another thing to look at is the ipc resources with the ipcs command - I
> don't remember whether Apache uses system v ipc on RH9, but if it does,

I rebooted my workstation before starting Apache one more time - some shared memory segments were reserved after that, but I have no idea how it can help me. :-(

No any info in system logs as well.

Vitaliy Yermolenko.

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