[mod_python] Re: New mod_python win32 installer for testing

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Thu Mar 11 17:40:01 EST 2004

I have made an updated installer using these scripts.
It can be downloaded from 
I would appreciate feedback from anybody using Windows...


David Fraser wrote:

> Hi
> I've been working on the mod_python dist/setup.py.in (mostly to make 
> it work for win32) and have added some important functionality...
> 1) it no longer requires configure (so it could just be setup.py) - it 
> either scans config.status or calculates the information itself (e.g. 
> it scans through the source file to find the mod_python version 
> number). On Windows it uses the APACHESRC environment variables to 
> find the apache include and lib directories (just like the VC++ 
> project does)
> 2) it is now able to build mod_psp on Windows as well as Linux
> 3) most importantly, it is now able to build mod_python directly from 
> the setup.py (on Windows)
>    this should be possible on non-Windows system too but will require 
> some work (we may have to make a distutils compiler class for apxs)
> There are a few notes:
> - the build of the mod_python extension produces a mod_python_so.pyd 
> file, instead of the mod_python.so file we want. But at least on 
> Windows, I have modified win32_postinstall to install this one instead 
> of the other... (I call it mod_python_so.pyd instead of mod_python.pyd 
> so that when it is put in the site-packages directory it does not 
> confuse importing packages from mod_python)
> - I have also added code to win32_postinstall to automatically detect 
> the currently installed versions of Apache from the registry. It would 
> be nice to let the user choose one of these. As a start, it just 
> selects the latest version as the starting point for the tkinter file 
> selection dialog (the win32 shell classes don't seem to let you do 
> this...)
> I have attached the modified setup.py.in (easier than a patch as 
> almost everything has changed) and win32_postinstall.py
> Any comments appreciated
> David 

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