[mod_python] More Cookie troubles

Jim binarybrain at phreaker.net
Fri Mar 5 19:15:05 EST 2004

Unfortunetly, I am stuck using a somewhat older version of mod_python
3.0.4-2 which I guess is what is distributed with Debian unstable. I am
able to set cookies. 

I can't seem to read the Cookies. I tried 2 different ways. 

1) os.environ.keys() displays no env vars resembling a Cookie
2) req.headers_in I seem to be getting the header stuff but nothing
resembling a Cookie

(I tested the above by printing the results out to the web page)

I have tried numorous examples. I have been over all the threads on
Cookies in the recent months. I realize that a newer version of
mod_python might help resolve this as it has native Cookie support. If I
don't get any other solutions or suggestions I would willing to upgrade
by hand. If I end up having to upgrade by hand any suggestions for
people that have done this.

Thanks in advance.


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