Pylets (was RE: [mod_python] persistent, reliable globals)

Ben ben at
Thu Mar 11 02:20:51 EST 2004

i think draco is great.  you should definitely use it.

you're of course welcome to beta / alpha test whatever i come up with.
however i expect it won't be as mature as draco for some time.

MVC = model view controller, yes.  i think it's a good paradigm.  i
just prefer to not have it built into the system.

sessions are short-lived data that needs to be accessed frequently.
this it not what relational databases are for.  a dbm-style database
is a better choice.  but there's no real difference unless you're
trying to squeeze out a lot of performance.

hope this answers your questions.  i'm sure the experts who read this
list might have more educated responses.


On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 dannoritzer at wrote:

> Ben,
> I am a newbie in web development and just looking into draco. I would be
> interested in some more details about your opinion about draco, before
> going deeper into it.
> What is "the MVC way of things"? Is it the Model View Controller design
> pattern? What do you not like about it?
> Concerning the relational database for session management, what is so
> icky about that ?
> Thanks for your thoughts.
> Guenter

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