Pylets (was RE: [mod_python] persistent, reliable globals)

Ben ben at
Wed Mar 10 17:46:12 EST 2004

thanks for the pointers.  i was vaguely aware of both, but i looked at
them again.

albatross is pretty cool, esp since you can run it in CGI (for those
who are living in draconian servers.)  it doesn't seem particularly
well-integrated with mod_python, tho.  e.g. it has a Session server.

draco looks very cool..  i remember reading about it and not choosing
for some reason.  probably i was temporarily insane.  ah yes i
remember why: it uses the MVC way of things, which is fine, but not my
cup of tea.  not really a big issue.

an unsubstantiated claim: object-per-url-matcher can simply implement
MVC, but not vice versa.

their notion of events and namespaces is pretty cool.  i've looked at
the code and there are some thread issues for their child inits, but
that's not really an issue.  i'd also rather be more tightly bound
with mod_python.  e.g. using 3.1.3 sessions, apache logs, etc.  (draco
does use a relational database for session management, which is a
little icky.)

pylets (as i'm now calling it, since the only other pylet i found on
google was something for Local Exchange Trading systems) also is more
focused on being high-performance current versions in "production
mode" can serve (cacheable) requests within 1.5x the time it takes
apache serving static pages.  "debug mode" is about 7-8x, which is
pretty fast.  these are microbenchmarks, so YMMV.

take care, B

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Michael C. Neel wrote:

> I believed you just summed up albatross/draco's take on "the wheel".  I
> prefer Albatross, but you should look at both:
> Mike

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