[mod_python] Unicode support?

Ross M Karchner ross at karchner.com
Thu Jun 24 11:30:37 EDT 2004

Maybe you need to change Apache's and/or Python's default character sets?

See the "Your Application and Unicode" and "Browser Behavior" sections 
on this page:

Perhaps someone who knows more about this kind of stuff can comment on 
that articles applicability to mod_python.


(Jon-Pierre- apologies that you got this twice)

Jon-Pierre Gentil wrote:

>My point is that the code is in publisher.py, inside mod_python.  I'm
>not going to change the code of mod_python, at least without making a
>patch for it... and consulting the developers.  I understand the process
>of converting unicode strings, I just wish that mod_python wouldn't do
>it at all.

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