[mod_python] Returning HTTP_MULTI_STATUS from a custom handler

Indrek Järve indrek at inversion.ee
Mon Jun 14 19:50:59 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 18:24, Damjan wrote:
> > I'm currently working on creating a WebDAV implementation in mod_python.
> I obviously don't know what are your plans, but I have a suggestion.
> Apache2 already has builtin WebDAV support, what you can do is a
> mod_python auth handler that implements some inteligent ACL system and a
> admin interface to manage the system. 

Sadly this is not possible, as the filestructure that will be served
over WebDAV will mostly come from an SQL database and all the changes
have to be recorded there too.

As a side-note, I just tested this on mod_python 3.1 too and the
behaviour is the same.


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