[mod_python] query_vars and form_vars

Daniel Popowich dpopowich at comcast.net
Fri Jul 9 12:49:13 EDT 2004

mod_python user writes:
> It seems thoroughly broken to me.
> ...
> I'm very strongly of the opinion that they should not be intermixed and 
> would consider this behavior to be a bug.

While I empathize, this is not strictly a bug.

As others have said in this thread, better than I, the mixing of POST
data and URI query args is conventional use in a multitude of software
libraries and does not strictly break any RFC.

As for query_vars and form_vars in Servlets, they are built entirely
on top of mod_python.utils.FieldStorage and so inherit that class'
functionality.  Should FieldStorage be extended, as someone suggested,
to allow processing of query args only, form data only, or both (with
tagging of where it came from?), I'll propagate that functionality to

What may be broken in Servlets is, perhaps, nomenclature.  I'll accept
that query_vars and form_vars are not the best names for these
instance variables (and maybe even misleading, as in your case).  I
welcome any suggestions for better names for these variables.


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