[mod_python] script gives 404 error...

Anthony DiSante orders at nodivisions.com
Tue Jul 6 16:08:12 EDT 2004


I'm running Apache/1.3.27, mod_python/2.7.10, Python/2.3.4, and RedHat 8.0 
Linux on an Intel PC.  I can't seem to get python scripts to run sensibly 
through the server.

Here's my httpd.conf, with comments indicating what happens when I visit the 
URL /pytest/mptest.py with one or the other PythonHandler set:

DocumentRoot "/home/me/public_html/html"
<Directory /home/me/public_html/html/pytest>
         AddHandler python-program .py
	# works:
         PythonHandler mptest
	# gives a 404 error:
         PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
	# so does this:
         PythonHandler mod_python.publisher | .py
         PythonDebug On

How can I make all .py scripts in a given directory be interpreted through 
mod_python, without having to enumerate every single scriptname in 
httpd.conf/htaccess files?  The documentation seems to indicate that the 
second PythonHandler line above is all that's needed.

Anthony DiSante

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