[mod_python] running mod_python on Panther?

michael geary listmail at gearyweb.com
Mon Jan 26 22:59:53 EST 2004

is anyone doing it?

I had some problems with a missing libpython file in the Apple Python 
install, so I downloaded 2.3 source and compiled that with no problems. 
Installed it to /usr/local/. Then compiled mod_python from source with 
no problems. It installed to my apache running at /usr/local/apache/.

However, I'm getting a different error in my Apache log:

make_obcallback(): could not import mod_python.apache.
make_obcallback(): could not call init

I naively thought that mod_python was pretty much like mod_php, and I'm 
finding it's rather more complex. Not that this is a bad thing, but I'm 
struggling to get my feet under me, and I'd appreciate a hand up.

I've got these lines in my httpd.conf, is this correct:

AddType application/x-httpd-py .py
AddHandler python-program .py

I've also got this in a .htaccess file in the test directory:

PythonHandler mptest
PythonDebug On

and this test file (mptest.py):

from mod_python import apache

def handler(req):
	req.write("Hello World!")
	return apache.OK

anyone have any ideas where to look for a solution...? I'd appreciate 


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