[mod_python] mod_python/mod_include integration

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Wed Jan 14 10:50:45 EST 2004

In theroy you can use the Apache 2.x chain handlers feature, where more
than one content handler can process the request.  I say in theroy
because I've read about it, but never tried it =)


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> Subject: [mod_python] mod_python/mod_include integration
> Hello,
> I am interested in knowing if there is a python equivalent to Perl's
> Apache::Include module which provides mod_perl/mod_include integration
> (http://perl.apache.org/docs/1.0/api/Apache/Include.html). I'm
> especially interested to know if I can accomplish what
> Apache::Include->virtual($uri) does with mod_python. This is namely to
> include the output of a given (local) uri in my mod_python script. In
> other words I would like to do what the SSI element <!--#include
> virtual=""--> does with but with python.
> I would like to include, for instance, the output from PHP, a CGI
> script or simple HTML file in my mod_python app. This will enable me
> to build the generic templating system that I require. I had hoped
> that I could use the internal_redirect method of the request object to
> do the same thing but it appears that once an internal_redirect has
> been initated the initial content handler is no longer valid.
> Can this be done and, if so, how?
> Any and all pointers gratefully received!
> Homme Zwaagstra
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