[mod_python] mod_python and mysql - wierd problem!

Paul Querna chip at force-elite.com
Thu Jan 8 11:44:24 EST 2004

Are you running mod_auth_mysql or any other apache modules that use 
MySQL Client Connections?

Make sure they are all compiled with the exact same client lib versions..

Also, did you build from source, or are you using someones RPMs?

-Paul Querna

David Geller wrote:
> Help!
> I have the weirdest problem - I am using the following:
> redhat9
> mysql 4.0.13
> mod_python 3.0.4
> python 2.2.3
> MySQL-python 0.9.2 (python interface to the mysql libraries)
> apache 2.0.47
> When I run ordinary python programs to access the mysql database, things 
> seem to work fine. (i can connect to the database, so selects, updates, 
> etc)
> When I run identical queries under mod_python via request to apache, 
> apache tends to core dump on database accesses - or sometimes, doesn't 
> core dump but I get very strange,inconsistant results.
> Any ideas? Are "threads" an issue? I am almost positive the python 
> enviornment that apache is getting is the same as the "normal" environment.
> I just have no idea why this is happening - I have used mod_python w/ 
> mysql before, with generally very good results.
> Thanks a lot!
> David
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