[mod_python] mod_python and SMP

Vaclav Blazek blazek at firma.seznam.cz
Wed Jan 7 09:59:54 EST 2004

Dne st 7. ledna 2004 08:22 Oliver Graf napsal(a):
> Out of my stomach I would answer: this is an apache topic, mod_python
> will do whatever apache can do. So If there is a mpm for apache under
> win32 that does forks (no mpm_prefork for win32? can't believe this,
> but I never used this win32 platform...) mod_python should behave well
> with SMP...
> Oliver.
> P.S.: If I am wrong, I'm really interested why. :)


fork() (process duplication) is unix specific feature, no other kind of system 
has it. On non-unix platforms you have to use threading instead. But as you 
know, threads are evil :-). You can be sure you propperly synchronize 
everything but... just try to close one file descriptor twice and disaster is 
near at hand...


PS I've heard the new version of OpenVMS will have fork().

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