[mod_python] Internal Server Errors on restart

Michael S. Fischer michael at dynamine.net
Mon Jan 5 12:46:23 EST 2004

Kevin Ballard wrote:
> I've found some odd problems with mod_python. The big one is that if I 
> ever do a restart of my apache server (graceful or not), the next time I 
> access a python script, I get an internal server error, and this 
> persists until I shut down the server, wait for all the processes to die 
> off, and then start it back up. Also, nothing is put in the error log 
> for the Internal Server Error, which is also strange.
> Does anybody have any information on this?

I don't know, but I have the same problem (running Panther as well).

> Oh, and semi-off-topic - is there any way to enable Apache 2 on Mac OS X 
> Panther Server without actually running it by hand (i.e. replacing all 
> the standard access to Apache 1.3 through things like Server Admin with 
> access to Apache 2). Yes, Apache 2 comes on Panther Server, but it's 
> hidden in /opt/apache2/ and there's no GUI way to access it.

If there is a way, I'm unaware of it.  The documentation says the 
installation in /opt/apache2 is "for experimental purposes."  Don't try 
to use it for mod_python though, because the apxs configuration is wrong 
and it won't compile properly.  (I did my own Apache 2 installation in 

I use mod_proxy on the front-end Apache 1.3 server to pass through 
mod_python requests to the back-end Apache 2.0 server.


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