[mod_python] Internal Server Errors on restart

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Mon Jan 5 15:30:37 EST 2004

I've found some odd problems with mod_python. The big one is that if I 
ever do a restart of my apache server (graceful or not), the next time 
I access a python script, I get an internal server error, and this 
persists until I shut down the server, wait for all the processes to 
die off, and then start it back up. Also, nothing is put in the error 
log for the Internal Server Error, which is also strange.

Does anybody have any information on this?

Oh, and semi-off-topic - is there any way to enable Apache 2 on Mac OS 
X Panther Server without actually running it by hand (i.e. replacing 
all the standard access to Apache 1.3 through things like Server Admin 
with access to Apache 2). Yes, Apache 2 comes on Panther Server, but 
it's hidden in /opt/apache2/ and there's no GUI way to access it.

Kevin Ballard
kevin at sb.org

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