[mod_python] Mysterious Apache2.0 pauses

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Thu Feb 26 08:20:04 EST 2004

David McNab wrote:

> Hi,
> When hitting a mod_python driven page in Apache 2.0, something seems 
> to hang for up to 30 seconds.
> I've painstakingly verified that it is not my code, or my (very 
> simple) mod_python handler, causing the hang.
> This is only happening with Apache2.0, and doesn't always happen.
> I see it most often with the first hit after restarting Apache (in 
> which case it happens probably 1 in 3 times).
> Occasionally I see it happen with subsequent hits to the same page, 
> but much less often - slightly more often if there's been a delay 
> between hits.
> Any thoughts?
Which version of mod_python are you using, which version of Apache, what 
operating system?
What you could do is add logging code that logs the time at the start 
and end of the request - I presume you mean you've done this.
Is the pause before or after your request handler gets called?


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