[mod_python] Mysterious Apache2.0 pauses

David McNab david at rebirthing.co.nz
Thu Feb 26 15:24:50 EST 2004


When hitting a mod_python driven page in Apache 2.0, something seems to 
hang for up to 30 seconds.

I've painstakingly verified that it is not my code, or my (very simple) 
mod_python handler, causing the hang.

This is only happening with Apache2.0, and doesn't always happen.

I see it most often with the first hit after restarting Apache (in which 
  case it happens probably 1 in 3 times).

Occasionally I see it happen with subsequent hits to the same page, but 
much less often - slightly more often if there's been a delay between hits.

Any thoughts?


Kind regards


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