[mod_python] Anti-mod_python discrimination

David McNab david at rebirthing.co.nz
Thu Feb 26 14:09:52 EST 2004


I wonder if anyone on this list might want to comment on why so many 
commercial shared web hosting providers steadfastly refuse to allow the 
use of mod_python on their servers.

I'm using mod_python on my own server, and finding it to be one of the 
greatest things since Python and Apache themselves. But I'm feeling 
hesitant to fully 'surrender' to the mod_python environment, and make 
full commitment to it, given that probably less than 2% of shared 
hosting providers hosts allow it, and the ones that do allow it tend to 
charge 3 to n times more than the others.

As a defense, I've built into my 'yet another python web app server 
framework' a system of 'contexts', where web apps can run the same way, 
without mods, regardless of whether they're running under straight CGI, 
mod_python CGI, my custom mod_python handler, or through an embedded 
server. (apologies that I'm not using Twisted ;p)

But I would really like to know what concerns shared web host admins 
have about mod_python. Are there real security issues, whereby a 
malicious python web app could do nasty stuff to 'neighbour' accounts, 
or to the server itself? Or is there just a 'fear of the unknown' issue? 
Or have hosting providers been fed some FUD along the way?

Just curious


Kind regards


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