[mod_python] HTML::Mason ported to Python

mike bayer mike_mp at zzzcomputing.com
Wed Aug 25 02:04:35 EDT 2004

hi all -

Ive done just what the subject says, for those of you unfamiliar with
HTML::Mason its a pretty popular templating package for the mod_perl
environment, used by sites like amazon.com and salon.com.  in traditional
"pick a name that has a 'y' in it" fashion I have called it Myghty.

the application supports everything Mason does, including subcomponents,
methods, page inheritance, mod_python/CGI connectors, etc., with the
exception of caching, which is an upcoming feature.  Plus it has some
extra features designed to make life in a python multithreaded environment
easier, if you are running under the worker MPM.   The code is 50% taken
from Mason and 50% custom, although the general architecture is mostly the

Anyway, ive gotten it running standalone, with mod_python 2.7/3.1, with
both the worker and prefork MPMs, and with the CGI handler, and it seems
to work pretty well.  docs need some editing but content-wise are fairly
close to complete.  I am hoping its something people will find useful once
it is road-tested a little more, and also that some folks on here might
want to help me test it out a little as I am sure the outside world will
find tons of little issues I haven't come across yet.

check it out at :   http://myghty.sourceforge.net/

- mike

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