[mod_python] Can't get mod_python's PSP 'Hello World' to work

4mix amix at amix.dk
Tue Aug 17 22:42:47 EDT 2004


To solve your first problem, try out:
Add this in the top of hello function:
req.content_type = "text/html"

To sovle the second, try out going to:

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Den 17/8-2004, kl. 21.34, skrev Miles K. Forrest:

> I've been having difficulty configuring my Debian server to use PSP as
> a templating system. Since I lack the verbage and expertise to explain
> what I have/haven't done, I've made a webpage with snapshots outlining
> the problem:
> http://linuxhouse.org/tshooting/001.htm
> Any ideas?
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> Cheers,
> Miles K. Forrest
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