[mod_python] Introducing AnalyzeThat!

Amir Salihefendic amix at amix.dk
Tue Aug 17 19:29:17 EDT 2004

I was pretty tired of the way that you test out stuff in mod_python. 
I.e. you use req.write(variable), req.write(dir(object)) etc.

Therefor I sat down - and thought of a good way to analyze stuff.
I thought, let's make it this way:
- Throw anything in - abracadabra - you get some informative output - 
that also is readable.
And some hours later I have class AnalyzeThat :-)

Throw anything in AnalyzeThat and it generates some informative and 
readable output.
Following types are supported (i.e. there are written explicit handlers 
for them):
Int, Str, Tuple, List, Dict, Module and Function. I had also support 
for boolean (but it does not work in Python 2.2, so I removed it 
Other types are also supported - they just don't have their own 

For a better overview check out:

If anybody has any additions I would be very glad to implement them - - 
in the final version of the class.

Kind regards
Amir Salihefendic
What we do in life echoes in eternity

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