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Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Tue Aug 17 17:54:24 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-16 at 21:57 -0400, David Geller wrote:
> 2. The world of Python for the Web needs alot of work. Other than Zope, 
> there doesn't seem to be a consensus for what the best way of doing 
> things is! Now, that is a good thing (if "choice" = "good"), but it is 
> also daunting to the newbie, and makes it hard for someone who knows a 
> little more to convince a newbie that Python is the way to go for the 
> web (which it IS, in my opinion, for many situations).
> 3. I think the python community needs a ..."plan" of some sort, to try 
> to come up with recommendations, tools, basic elements, etc., so new 
> folks might have a much better idea of at least how to get started 
> building web apps in python with a minimum of grief....

You may want to check out the Python Web SIG
(http://www.python.org/sigs/web-sig/) although it's perhaps approaching
the issue from a slightly different angle.

What I think would be most useful would be a series of documents
describing different solution patterns in general, and practical
examples to go along. The problem is, people coming from the "HTML
embedded web application" world (PHP, ASP) see things very differently
than people coming from the "two-tier business-logic-HTML-
renderer" (mod_perl?) world, and then there is still the "constantly
running business-logic-in-a-servlet" world (Java Servlets).

As I'm sure quite a few people have experienced, it can be almost
impossible to get your head around a different way of looking at things,
unless someone shows you the underlying patterns and lets you compare
them side-by-side. I'd say it's even harder than learning from scratch,
because you have to un-learn what you knew from before.

I've seen some great documentation contributions announced or referenced
on this list, but most of these documents exist in isolation and suffer
from the same problem as described above, but of a milder sort. I'd like
to collect some of these patterns, so if you have experience with any
web development software, then I'd be glad to hear from you. Just
explain what it does, and what your mental picture of it looks like. If
you'd be given only a few paragraphs to outline the most important
things about it, how would you express yourself?

Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe at paniq.net>
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