[mod_python] mod_python Live examples

Michael Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Mon Aug 16 21:24:03 EDT 2004

> Glad I'm not alone :)  Thanks everyone for your feedback and links to
> working mod_python sites.  I'm beginning to see that mod_python's
> ability to open up the insides of apache is something really powerful.
>  I also get the sense that it's not meant for "newbies" like me who
> are used to building webpages with Windows tools like Dreamweaver and
> putting in the dynamic plumming with PHP.

While it doesn't talk about python directly, reading Apache Modules in C and
Perl from O'Rielly contains a solid break down of the apache api mod_python
opens up.  I'm not sure if there is a version for 2.0 Apache out, but if you
learn 1.3 it's not hard to read some online stuff to make the jump.

> But I _want_ to learn.  And I'd like to seperate the HTML and Python
> code so I can still rely on HTML designers who, unlike myself, know
> how to build nice looking pages.  And I'd like to use Python.  But I
> can't seem to get a platform working.

I'd recommend draco or albatross, and work though their tutorials.

> I suppose having lots of choices when it comes to templating if you
> know what you're doing, but for someone like me the choice is
> difficult: which _should_ I choose?  Being told "it depends on what
> you're doing" doesn't help because I'm not sure what I'm going to do,
> I'm still learning.  I'm leaning towards PSP because it's built-in to
> mod_python, so it seems to me it will become a standard way of
> templating because it's already there.

PSP is "built in" but atm it's the new kid on the block.  IIRC sessions and
PSP appeared in 3.1.x  I've never cared for PHP/ASP/JSP so I admit I'm
probably not going to use PSP, but it has picked up a considerable amount of
interest judging from the list.  This means it's still in a molding stage,
so if you do decide to go with PSP don't be afraid to look at the souce and
send in a patch.  This may sound like a hugh undertaking, but if you dive
into it you'll see it's really not as hairy a beast as you thought.


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