[mod_python] Turn "PythonDebug on" on on a live system

Michael Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Sat Aug 14 12:22:34 EDT 2004

This is something you can do with Apache; just configure a vhost to point to
the same files and change the auth to whatever you want it to be and in this
host set the debug option.


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Subject: [mod_python] Turn "PythonDebug on" on on a live system

> Here is what could be smart:
> To be able to turn "PythonDebug on" on a live system, without losing
> security.
> This could be triggered on something like a fixed IP.
> IMO this would make debugging of live systems much easier and more
> secure.
> This could also be done on production systems (i.e. the feature would
> be smart if you are showing your site to clients, alpha/beta testing
> etc.)
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