[mod_python] Sessions and Persistant Databases.

Jon-Pierre Gentil jgentil at sebistar.net
Sun Aug 8 03:30:42 EDT 2004

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Is there a way to list all active sessions?

And better yet, once you have that list of active sessions, would it be
  safe to load one, and manipulate it and then save it, with the
assumption that it is NOT the active user's session?

My goal is that I wish to store a user's privilege levels in session to
reduce DB connections to a SQL database.  But if an administrator user
alters their priv level, I wish it to reflect in the session.  This
possible at all, or should I rely on loading this information from the
database each time?

I've looked it over, and I am just not entirely sure what I want to do
is possible.  I thought about creating a function in the Session module
that opens the DB and returns a list of keys, and then closes it... but
I wasn't sure if I actually create a session object if it would write
out cookies and such.  Since BaseSession requires a request object, I
get the feeling that what I want to accomplish will be no easy task,
probably needing to write a new BaseSession that allows for modification
without any client changes/request object.  *sigh*

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