[mod_python] session example

Colin Fox cfox at cfconsulting.ca
Tue Apr 6 15:19:27 EST 2004

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Michael S. Fischer wrote:
| Colin Fox writes:
|>As far as I can tell - I'm using FireFox 0.8 on Linux, which
|>is pretty standard I believe.
| Consider installing the "Live HTTP headers" extension; it will help you
| debug the problem.  http://livehttpheaders.mozdev.org/

I'll give that a shot, thanks.

|>The whole session cookie thing is really unstable - sometimes
|>it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it just locks up.
|>For my session-based login, sometimes my login is
|>successfull, I record the username into the session, and my
|>next page says "logged in as cfox". Other times, I log in,
|>with no errors, and the next page still says "not logged in".
| Depending on the process model in which you're running Apache, consider
| running the server without forking (single-process, single-thread) to
see if
| you can reproduce the problem.
| The following configuration values assume the MPM model is in use:
| StartServers 1
| MinSpareServers 0
| MaxSpareServers 0
| MaxClients 1

Ok, I'll try that, too.

Incidentally, I've got MaxRequestsPerChild set to 1, so that when I
change my files apache will actually reload them rather than cache them.

Is that a possible issue?


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