[mod_python] Apache doesn't start after new mod_python install (3.1.3)

anthony.barker at bmo.com anthony.barker at bmo.com
Mon Apr 5 15:37:24 EST 2004

Nick which version of python are you using?

I was having problems with mod_python after I installed plone. I was 
forced to uninstall python, mod_python and apache and then reinstall.

After that it worked fine.


Nick Bastin <nbastin at opnet.com>
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01/04/2004 06:06 PM

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        Subject:        [mod_python]    Apache doesn't start after new mod_python install (3.1.3)

I was previously running Apache 2.0.47 with mod_python 3.0.3.  Today, I 
upgraded to mod_python 3.1.3, and not apache does not start.  No errors 
are reported - it just doesn't start.  If I remove the LoadModule 
directive, apache starts up fine.  Any ideas?


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