[mod_python] File upload

Greenbeard greenbeard400 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 17 21:42:47 EST 2003

Does anyone have a good file upload example?  

When I try something like: 

def upload(req, file):
    tempFile = file.read()
I get: AttributeError: File instance has no attribute

if I use:

    tempFile = req.form['file'] 
I get the file contents but I don't think this would
work well with large files (or would it?) 

when I try to get attribues like file.type I get 

AttributeError: File instance has no attribute 'type'.
I do get the file.filename.   

So how can I tell if it should be a binary write etc.?

It looks like the publisher handler (which I am using)
returns a File object but I can not get it to act like
a file/StringIO object nor can I accesss the
attributes that are mentioned in the documentation.   

I am using W2k, Python 2.2  and Mod_py 3.0.3.  

Thanks for the help,


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