R: [mod_python] session mechanism in 3.1.0a

Olivier Migeon olivier at phgroup.com
Thu Oct 30 11:58:49 EST 2003

Manera, Villiam wrote:

> try this:
> 	sess = Session.Session(req)
> 	sess.save()

sorry. it doesn't change a thing...

as I undestand it :

the first time I load my page in a new session, I call :

sess = Session.Session(req)

this send a cookie to my browser, and I have checked that the cookie is 
actually sent and received.

when i reload the page, i call again :

sess = Session.Session(req)

according to the documentation (and to the code od Session.py, which 
seems straigtforward) mod_python should check that there is a valid 
relevant cookie, and not instanciate a new session.

it seems to me like a cookie-reading problem (or, from my part, a total 
misunderstanding of what a session is).

olivier migeon

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