[mod_python] instablility in mod_python or apache

Nils Grimsmo nilsgri at idi.ntnu.no
Mon Oct 27 14:56:58 EST 2003


i am running apache2 worker 2.0.47, mod_python 2.7.8 and python 2.3.2,
and have some stability problems.

i have made a simple web-page that uses mod_python.publisher. in

AddHandler python-program .py
PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
PythonDebug On

when i'm reloading the page, it seams random whether it will load
properly or crash with 

"Not Found

The requested URL /~nilsgri/test.py was not found on this server."

i would guess it has something to do with caching, as when i restart
apache2, sometimes the it works every other or so time i reload the
page, and sometimes it works every time, and sometimes never.

i have tried to track down where these errors occur, and have found that
exeptions are thrown at the following locations:

        the line "obj = getattr(obj, obj_str)" throws AttributeError
        in this case: 
            config={'PythonDebug': '1'},
        which seems right

        "if (not file or path and not
                filter(lambda a: os.path.dirname(file).find(a) == 0,
                path)):" hits sometimes

what could be wrong?

is there any way of turning of caching of python modules?

i use the apache2 worker thread module, and i have also tried prefork. i
have not tried perchild or threadpool. should i?

klem fra nils

nils grimsmo <nilsgri at idi.ntnu.no>
"why is this thus? what is the reason of this thusness"
                                         - artemus ward

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