[mod_python] Newbie problem running mod_python

Robert Lilly rclilly at cox.net
Sun Oct 26 21:50:30 EST 2003

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> On Sunday 26 October 2003 5:19 pm, Robert Lilly wrote:
> > mod_python.so is a dll, it's just named after the Apache
> > convention. The other response you got from Simon Willison letting
> > you know that current release version of mod_python does not yet
> > work with Python 2.3 is the relevant one. There are workarounds -
> > 1) revert to using Python 2.2, or 2) (courtesy of Gustavo Cordova
> > Avila) using either a text or a binary editor, open mod_python.so
> > and replace all references to python22.dll with python23.dll. I've
> > been running with the latter solution for almost two weeks now and
> > haven't noticed any problems.
> Hmm..would it not be cleaner to c:>copy python22.dll python23.dll  ?

I thought about doing that, but then other applications needing to use
python23.dll will be getting python22.dll, which I am sure will cause
problems. Making the modification within mod_python.so assures that it is
the only application affected.

Another solution that is working for me is to have both Python 2.2 and 2.3
on the same machine, into separate folders of course. During installation
most apps look in the registry and choose the version it needs. In many
cases it says it will work with either. In those cases I tell it to use 2.3.
There are some apps, however, that will only work with one or the other, but
not both. On this particular system I am running mod_python.so without
modification. When I installed mod_python, it automatically configured
itself in the Lib/site-packages folder of 2.2. I cannot see any difference
in stability or performance between this setup and the one where I modified

Robert Lilly

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