[mod_python] Best place to start learning both mod_python and Python

Robert Lilly rclilly at cox.net
Sun Oct 26 12:28:59 EST 2003

> Hi!
> For learning Python, your best bet is to start with the tutorials at
> www.python.org.
> http://www.python.org/doc/2.3.2/tut/tut.html
> You will probably already know the concepts explained in the
> tutorial, but
> it's a good way to learn Python's syntax. The documentation on python.org
> also includes the library reference, which is good to have.
> Another good way
> to get help on the libraries is from the Python interpreter. If
> you run the
> python interpreter and type help(), you will be in the help menu.
> Then, type
> a module name and you will get documentation on that module.
> Documentation on mod_python is available at www.modpython.org.
> Read the FAQ
> and the Docs.
> There are a few ways to interface Python and Apache, but
> mod_python is the
> best. (In my opinion as a member of the mod_python mailing list ;-) ).
> Another way to do it is by using regular CGI, where each .py file is
> basically a script that is run externally by Apache. This has much lower
> performance, and doesn't make it easier to develop, so I'd stay
> away. There
> was also a module named mod_snake that supposedly had better
> performance than
> mod_python, but I don't think it's supported anymore. Finally,
> there's Zope,
> which is an enterprise server based on Python. Haven't really
> used it, but
> it's supposed to be good. www.zope.org.
> Hope that helps!
> Mike.

Thanks for the quick response Mike. I especially appreciate the information
about using the Python interpreter as I was not aware of that capability.

I agree with you regarding staying away from CGI. I intend to do this
whether I'm using Python, PHP, or whatever. I've heard of Zope, but from
what I see, it's way overkill for my needs.



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